Fenton Memorial Post 400
#2 Gravois Road
Fenton, Mo 63026
Meetings: 7 PM 2nd Monday of the month

National Commander Breakfast

On November 18, 2017 the National Commander Denise Rohan along with her
Official Traveling Party
National Commander – Denise Rohan
National Commanders’ Aide – Michael Rohan
Department Commander – Cary Kellett
Senior Vice Commander – Kerry Boardman
Department Adjutant – Lowry Finley-Jackson
National Executive Committeeman – Kenny Goth
Alt. Nat. Committeeman – Tom Goodin
National Historian – Paul Bennett
Auxiliary President – Carolyn Sanford
SAL National Vice Cdr.–Jay Marsden
Zone Commander – Don Buatte

Parking lot resurface

At the October building board meeting it was voted to have the rear parking lot resurfaced. The 1st stage was completed a week later on Oct 17th.
rear lot resurface

rear lot resurface

They also sealed the side lot by the river. The rest of the lots will also be sealed.

Side lot reseal

After all the sealing is complete the lots will then be restriped.

The lost has now been sealed and stripped.
stripped lot