1st Quarter Newsletter – 2015

From the commander’s des
Greetings Comrades & Ladies Auxiliary, just a few short notes! We are back on line with the newsletter again, thanks to Susan for volunteering to publish. However, she needs our help, I need all officers and chairmen to write a short article, a paragraph or so pertaining to your area of responsibility and give to Susann for publishing. These letters will be produced every two months or quarterly and we would like to make them informative for the members.

Membership: We are half way through our membership drive and the post has done very well towards meeting our goals this year. We have reached far and wide and have already exceeded 100%. A big thank you to all who have had a part in recruiting and working hard on the post 1000 list. 10th district had a good part in this by having the revitalization program and then making the 1000 list available. A special thanks to Carl Leuther, who took the list and made phone calls and visited homes. At last report we had taken in 61 transfers and 14 new members.

Bingo and Fish Fry: last year we did not do well with our bingo due to some changes that did not work out and shutting down for two months. After some thought and changes went into effect our bingo is making a good come back. Thanks to our bingo chairman Brian and all the members that help every week.
VA News and info: Tricare increases RX copays- Effective Feb 1, 2015. Most pharmacy Copays will increase by $3.00. Drugs from military pharmacies and generic drugs from Tricare pharmacy home delivery will still cost $0. These changes over rule previous rules that connected Tricare pharmacy copays to the retiree COLA adjustment.
Veteran Access to Care Act 2014 Directs the Veterans Administration to contract with non-VA facilities to care for vets. Look for move VA news in future articles. For more info go to Military. Com legislative Center.
Be a good post member and get involved in your post activities and help where you can. Sid Staton, Commander.

Children and YOUTH
From the Auxiliary:

Dolores Gebauer who was head of children and youth became ill and passed away October 2014. I have agreed to step in and fill the position.
July: We collected school supplies for local students.
November: The auxiliary became aware of a Jefferson County Children’s Holiday party to be given on December 12, 2014 at the knights of Columbus in DeSoto, MO. The ladies donated their time and talents to knitting hats and scarfs. Gloves, mittens and lap blankets as well as toys for the children were also donated. All the items were delivered to the Division of Children’s Services in Hillsboro, MO.
December: The American Legion Post 400 along with the Ladies Auxiliary hosted a Christmas party for families of the post. With the help of the ladies Santa Claus gathered gifts for the 35 children present and distributed them during the party. All in attendance enjoyed the festivities and the refreshments provided. Jackie Sandifer, Children and Youth

Children and YOUTH
From the Scouting program:

Eagle Scout Court of Honor: I would like for everyone to know that this is the first time that American Legion Post 400 has hosted an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. This is part of the posts ongoing effort to serve the community and appeal to younger Veterans. The first recipient is Tyler Robinson, a senior at Rock Summit High School. He earned his Eagle through Troop 780 and plans to return as an adult leader. The ceremony was held on Sunday, February 15th and had a great turn-out!  
Tyler has been active in scouting since the first grade and continues to be an active member. He has served on summer camp staff and is a member of the Order of the Arrow.
Tyler’s father is a member of Post 400, where he continues to support the American Legion and its programs. Post 400 strives to foster a positive image for the community and make the post a welcome for families. Ed Ucinski

Bingo activities
From the soon-to-be-chairman:

Bingo closed last July and August (2014) to give the workers a break & the bingo committee time to reorganize bingo. On September 13, bingo reopened. It started out slow but kept building momentum each week.
2015 brought amazing things to bingo, the crowds had grown to the point where we are now averaging 140 plus players a night.

At the end of March our bingo chairman, Brian McLean, will be retiring after 10+ years as chairman. He will remain as a consultant and possibly a caller in training.

Thanks Brian for all the years you dedicated to Legion Post 400’s bingo program. Thanks also needs to go out to his wife Kathy for helping him with his reports plus for all the time he spent away from home. From what I understand there is a list of “honey-do’s” that stretches from the post to the McLean house.

Allen ‘Gramps’ Sandifer has agreed to take over as bingo chairman.
Nothing is going to change except the person sitting behind the desk. Allen ‘Gramps’ Sandifer

From the Editor:
I may have dangled a few participles, misspelled a few words, or mangled some other obscure grammatical rule. And yes, you can even point them out and laugh.
Seriously, for all you potential article writers, do not overly worry about such things –just get me the article at least two weeks BEFORE the next printing. I will strive to correct any thing obvious. As this is set to go out in April, the next newsletter will be published for the July meeting. I need articles before 20 June. You can hand them to me at any time or email to
If you wish to receive this newsletter via email please send me a note with a subject of “post email” and I will make sure you get added to the post email list
Susan Sauter, member post 400

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