Bingo Hall Rules & Regulations

1. To play, player must have a signed Tally that agrees with the number of cards purchased.

2. NO Books or Sheets may be Split or Shared.

3. ALTERED books or Sheets will NOT be honored.

4. It’s your responsibility to be heard: yell Bingo Loud & Clear on the last number called & hold the sheet up so that we can find you.

5. Do not throw away the sheet until the BINGO has been verified.

6. Prizes & Games are subject to change by the Management. Prizes will be divided evenly in case of multiple winners.

7. We reserve the right to arrange seating or refuse play, if necessary.

8. NO one under the age of 16 allowed in the Bingo Hall once play has started, except for kitchen help.

9. Winning Pull Tabs must be turned in by the end of Game #11

10. Do not glue, staple or paste anything to the tables.

11. Food & Drink is available in the Hall. Please do not bring in anything.

13. No Smoking allowed in Bingo Hall, please use designated areas outside.

Thank you for playing Bingo with us
We hope you have a good time and are a winner

Please come again & bring a friend