Elvis has left the building

Saturday August 22 we had a full house. They all came to see the Memories of Elvis. The show started at 7 pm and ended a little before 11 pm with non stop entertainment. There was a short intermission but other than that it was non stop entertainment.

The evening opened with the Mid South Revival
If you like 4 part harmony these are your guys and their rendition of Blue Moon was over the hill.

Next came Patsy Cline

Patsy had a style of her own and it was old time country even without some of the traditional old time country instruments, like a fiddle or maybe a dobro.

Then came Buddy Holly

You talk about high energy Buddy had it, he didn’t stand still for one minute the whole time he was on the stage. If you weren’t clapping your hands or stomping you feet while he was singing, you need to see a doctor as I think you might be dead.

After all that action it was time for a break. So there was a short intermission while we waited for Elvis to arrive. As we were chilling out we heard his helicopter land on the roof.

Yes Elvis is in the building.

Elvis played the longest set and had the crowd rocking the entire time.
For an 80 year old he puts on a hellva of a show. I hope I have that much energy when I’m 80.

If you weren’t there and ever get a chance to go see Memories of Elvis do you you won’t be sorry. Oh keep an eye out here there are rumors that he will return in the future.

Elvis has left the building

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