Sept 2016

From the Commander’s desk

Thoughts from our outgoing Commander: Greetings Comrades & Ladies Auxiliary. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for allowing me to serve as post 400 commander. These past 4 years. It has been an experience in many areas, we have had disagreements but have agreed to disagree and go on for the better of the American Legion. As I have said many times we are a good post and work well together to get things accomplished for the community for the American Legion and our veterans. We now have a start of a new year and a new commander. Comrade Braun has served us well over the past 5 years as adjutant and being the commanders’ right hand man is no easy job.
As he has assumed the command, please give him your 100% support, he has a lot of good ideas and some of them are already in the works. I believe by continuing to work together as a team and brothers in arms we can move forward, we need to stay on top of membership. My dream is to see the post climb to a 500 member post. Be a team player and let’s make our post the best it can be.
Sydney ”Syd” Staton
Former Commander AND A Proud Member of Post 400

Thoughts from our new Commander: – Greetings from your new Post Commander.
My name is Bob Braun I have been a member of Post 400 for 26 years. The last 6 years I have served as your Post Adjutant. I am an Army Vietnam Veteran. I was just elected your Post Commander this month.
I am reaching out to you today to say hello and ask for your support in the upcoming year. By that I mean more participation at meetings and activities.
We are embarking on a new year full of enthusiasm and great ideas to move the Post Forward. I was hoping that more of you would become a part of this move forward. We are working on fund raisers we can perform to raise money for our fellow veterans in need. But we can’t accomplish these goals without your help. So please consider getting involved. It’s not all work we have socials and parties for members only. So stop by and join in on the activities and fun. You might be surprised at what a great post we have.
Meetings are the second Monday of the month at 700 pm at the Post Hall. We are here every Friday for our Fish Fry and every Saturday evening for Bingo. So please stop by and say hello and get reacquainted with a great organization.
Let’s move forward together
Bob Braun,Commander.

NEF (National Emergency Fund)

Dear Legion Family Members and Friends,
Natural disasters can strike at any time. Tornadoes, super-storms, floods and fires can obliterate a family’s home and cause unimaginable stress and despair. They occur in communities big and small from coast to coast.
Victims of these disasters need our help. When their lives are turned upside-down, they are left to ask: Where do I find shelter? How will I pay for meals? How can I put my life back together?
The American Legion provides immediate relief for victims through its National Emergency Fund. Legion Family members quickly assist with funds and volunteer help, working alongside community leaders and Team Rubicon veterans to provide shelter and meals in their local communities.
Since it was formally adopted in 1989, The American Legion’s NEF program has provided immediate cash grants for veterans and posts that have been affected by tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.
To date, the Legion has provided more than $8.5 million in NEF grants. These generous gifts in times of need are made possible by your donations. I encourage you to help keep the fund viable in times of disaster by making a donation as part of my $1 million fundraising initiative.
In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, qualified recipients are eligible for up to $3,000 and Legion posts can receive up to $10,000. There are countless stories of how NEF grants have helped disaster victims.
No matter how widespread a disaster turns out to be, The American Legion and its National Emergency Fund will be there when the need is greatest.
Dale Barnett,
National Commander

Other news
American Legion Post 400 Receives the Spurgeon Award: Whether it is as an individual or an organization, volunteer service work is recognized as one of many selfless acts that can make a difference in one’s own community. Occasionally, there are those whose efforts are noticed by others in the community as well as on a state or national scale. While there are many different avenues of positive recognition that inspire people, some can be noticed at the highest level of America’s service organizations.
The American Legion Fenton Memorial Post 400 was recently awarded the Presidents Volunteer Service Award, which was for over one thousand hours of volunteer service by the post membership.  The award itself is authorized by the President of the United States, which is in an effort to recognize those who have devoted countless hours of volunteer service work to their community. The award is presented to either an individual or an organization with designated criteria for each category. Post 400 was awarded the highest honor for service in a multitude of areas, which have benefited the local, state and national Veterans programs.  The award itself reflects greatly upon the post, district and the American Legion community. Ed Ucinski, service officer

Post 400 Award Winner, A belated congratulations to Harry Boenker for taking first Place in the 2015 Veterans Craft Association National competition. Harry first started working in leather in high school, but put it aside as life got busy. Now 50+ plus years later this is the second competition he has won (he also won first place in 2012). Harry says he finds leatherwork relaxing and enjoys making pieces that are useful for other people. Some of the things he creates are belts, wallets, scabbards, rifle slings, purses and guitar straps. As he does not plan on stopping any time soon, if you happen to be in the market for some fine leatherwork…see Harry

Fish fry
Hello everyone. Well summer is drawing to a close, and it is time for the Fish Fry to once again reopen. This will take place on September 9th and as usual workers are needed both in the kitchen and the hall. We will still have the same menu as before. I ask that all members consider helping in this endeavor which is to help support the Post and its programs helping all veterans both individually and through various organizations. There have been a number of changes made within in the bookkeeping and reporting aspects of the Fish Fry as well as ordering of supplies, these changes will be announced at the September meeting to be held on Monday September 12, 2016.

Again looking forward to opening on Friday September 9th. Pete McGauly, Fish Fry Chairman

For the last three months Bingo has been averaging 110 to 125 patrons per week with a strong core of approximately 90 regulars. We are starting to see a lot of first time players and new to post 400 players. When asked what brought you here the overwhelming response was that they heard that post 400 provided a very friendly, very clean and very hospitable environment. I think that this is a great reflection on post 400 and the bingo volunteers that show up every Saturday rain or shine to host help run the game, walk the floor or help in the kitchen, Thanks ALL! Susan Sauter, Bingo Co-chairman

Auxiliary President
I am Terry Menzel the new president of the Ladies Auxiliary of Post 400 in Fenton. I would like to express my new goals for this coming year, I really want to get junior members active in going to Jefferson Barracks doing bingo parties and in providing cards for veterans. Junior membership is only $3.00 dollars a year. We would also like to continue to send 3 girls to Girl State this year as we have in past years. To participate the girls need to be in their junior year of high school. If you have a junior or know of a junior that would like to get involved please come to our next regular meeting scheduled the second Monday of every month at 6:45 p.m. I’m also setting aside the 4th Monday of every month at 6:00 pm be set aside for a social time together to play games and visit. We all need to get to know each other better. Looking forward to seeing you at a meeting and a social soon.

Terry Menzel, President Ladies Auxiliary

From the Editor:
Two notes: Currently we provide this newsletter via email only, this is because of the significant cost of mailing. I will try to have a limited number of copies available at our regular meetings for those who do not have email. I have reduced the font size to see how that works, if it makes it too difficult to read, please let me know. All input for this newsletter can be sent to .
Susan Sauter, member post 400

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